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  1. Q:

    For which Galaxy® products is cocoa sourced responsibly?


    Galaxy® Smooth Milk, Galaxy® Smooth Caramel, Galaxy® Ripple®, Galaxy® Counters®, Galaxy® Minstrels®, Galaxy® Cookie Crumble, Galaxy® Honeycomb Crisp, Galaxy® Crispy, Galaxy® Salted Caramel.

  2. Q:

    What does ‘Responsible Sourcing’ Mean to Mars Wrigley?


    At Mars Wrigley, we’ve set out an ambition to ‘Reshape the Future of Cocoa’ by creating a modern, inclusive and responsible supply chain. 


    Through our Responsible Cocoa program, we aim to deliver real, lasting positive change across our cocoa supply chain. To this end, we focus on three core areas that put cocoa farmers, cocoa communities, and the environment at the center of our attention and we are acting to help protect children, preserve forests, and improve farmer income. Our goal is for 100% of our cocoa to be sourced under our Responsible Cocoa program by 2025. Today, we’re proud to say that the cocoa in our Galaxy® Smooth Milk products is 100% responsibly sourced.



    We execute our Responsible Cocoa program through our cocoa suppliers, where they work to ensure that the farms supplying our cocoa are receiving the benefits of our Responsible Cocoa program. 



    When we say ‘100% Responsibly Sourced Cocoa’ in connection with a product, we mean that we have sourced enough cocoa originating from farms benefiting from our Responsible Cocoa program to meet the product’s production needs. This sourcing is done under a widely-used approach called ‘mass balance’.

  3. Q:

    What is Mass Balance?


    We buy cocoa that is independently verified as sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified* farms for our Galaxy® Smooth Milk products. This helps to satisfy our Responsible Cocoa specifications and benefit farmers in our supply chain.


    The Rainforest Alliance works with farmers to help protect the fragile ecosystem that keeps our planet balanced. It lends its seal only to businesses that support its three pillars of sustainability: social, economic and environmental. It is an aim of the Rainforest Alliance to have farm workers benefit from decent wages, safe work conditions, dignified housing, health care and access to education for their children, as well as to learn to control costs, increase production, improve quality, manage their natural resources and protect the environment.



    We source cocoa for our Galaxy® Smooth Milk products under the mass balance method of sourcing. Under this method, certified cocoa and non-certified cocoa may be mixed during processing, shipping and manufacturing. While certified cocoa may not necessarily end up in any particular final product, farmers still benefit from our purchase of cocoa originating from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. We purchase cocoa originating from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms in volumes equivalent to that needed for 100% of our Galaxy® Smooth Milk products. 



    *We source cocoa under the mass balance method. Find out more about mass balance sourcing at


  4. Q:

    Can I buy chocolate from you directly?


    We don't offer a direct delivery service but all of our products are widely stocked and should be available in a store near you.

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