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The Galaxy® Story

When the Galaxy® brand launched in 1960, we helped women choose a new kind of pleasure for the first time, bringing a modern, sophisticated chocolate to a Britain finally free from the constraints of rationing. Our silky, finely-milled chocolate was revolutionary, setting the gold standard. That’s why everyone’s first bite of Galaxy® chocolate is so memorable.
And we have strived to empower each new generation to choose pleasure too, right up to today’s heroines who juggle modern life.

Each piece of rich, creamy Galaxy® chocolate is an expression of effortless pleasure, evolving along the way, and proving as timeless now as it was back in the 60s.

Combining pleasure with purpose

We care passionately about our cocoa-growing communities. That’s why we buy cocoa that is independently verified as sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified* farms, and why, through our suppliers, we’re helping farmers to develop skills, grow their businesses and improve incomes. In Indonesia, for example, cocoa coaching was given to over 20,000 farmers through a network of cocoa specialists.

We are also investing in women’s economic empowerment by promoting financial inclusion and innovation, something that can benefit not just individuals but entire communities.

Education is another priority for us because we believe access to safe, quality education is an important component of protecting children in cocoa-growing communities and helping to drive better long-term futures for them. We work with the Jacobs Foundation and others with the aim of providing access to quality primary education for 5 million children in Côte d'Ivoire.

Of course, it’s vital the environment is protected too. Through improved productivity we aim to help farmers grow more cocoa on less land which in turn can help preserve forests and increase income. We’re working towards a deforestation-free cocoa supply chain by 2025.

*We source Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa under the mass balance method. Find out more about mass balance sourcing at

How we craft our chocolate

Whether it’s the 22.8 million Galaxy® Smooth Milk blocks purchased every year, the delicate crispy shells of Minstrels® chocolates or the bold and adventurous flavours of our new Fusions® product range, every Galaxy® product is carefully crafted to be savoured and enjoyed in a moment of pleasure.
Our chocolatiers have spent years perfecting the elements of our Galaxy® products, with thousands of hours designing even the tiniest details, from the soft corners and undulating flow of our bar to the finely milled cocoa that makes every mouthful as silky as the last.
Through research, we have identified three distinct ‘stages of taste’ when enjoying a Galaxy® moment:

1. The release of the signature taste of our Galaxy® products during the first bite. It is unmistakably smooth and creamy and has been loved by the nation for generations.

2. The sustained presence of its characteristic caramel notes, as the silky Galaxy® chocolate slowly melts in your mouth.

3. The distinctive pleasure of our Galaxy® products – that silky smooth flavour, lingering indulgently long after the chocolate experience, promoting a deep sense of relaxation.

 So next time you enjoy a piece of Galaxy® chocolate, why not linger over it a little longer, to ensure you unapologetically Choose Pleasure?

How it started

About the journey continues

Galaxy® creates a sensation on launch, its finely milled chocolate setting a new gold standard.

Galaxy® Ripple® launches, its delicate folds of chocolate bringing another revolution.

Our iconic ad campaign features George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, with the immortal line: “Why have cotton when you can have silk?”

Galaxy® Smooth Caramel is launched, with a luxurious liquid filling in a silky milk chocolate bar.

The journey continues

About how it started

Galaxy® sponsors the release of Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason 

Galaxy® sponsors Sex and The City: The Movie

We partner with Rainforest Alliance to commit to further improving sustainability across our Smooth Milk chocolate bars.

Our incredible Audrey Hepburn advert, featuring Moon River, is a sensation.

Where we are today

Fusions where we are today

We introduce our podcast, Sorry Not Sorry, embodying the unapologetic attitude of today’s superwomen as they choose pleasure. We also launch our vegan range, so more people can experience that silky Galaxy® texture.

Our newest launch, Galaxy® Fusions, offers an exquisite new twist, with adventurous flavours that evoke pleasure beyond imagination.

By end 2021
In Indonesia, we’re aiming to give cocoa coaching to over 20,000 farmers through a network of cocoa specialists. The aim is to help them farm more responsibly and improve their incomes.

Looking to the future - 2025 and beyond

Our journey continues...

We are working to ensure that 100% of our cocoa is responsibly sourced, traceable* and deforestation-free by 2025.
* traceable from the farmer to the first point of purchase

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