Like our packaging, our Galaxy® website is transforming with a bold new look!

But that hasn’t stopped us from continuing our sustainability journey.

We craft our chocolate with care at every stage

A better harvest

We source the finest quality cocoa from around the world.

A perfected craft

Every batch is cleaned, roasted, ground and refined into silky-smooth chocolate, here in the UK.

The final touch

Approved by our master craftsmen, the rich melted chocolate is moulded and wrapped for your pleasure.

Blending pleasure with purpose

At the heart of Galaxy® are the communities that make it possible.

We believe it’s our responsibility to make sure they are sustainable, prosperous, and happy.

Blending pleasure with purpose


Before our chocolate reaches our shores, it has to be grown and picked, in farming communities from West Africa to Ecuador and beyond. We’re passionate about the places that bring us the finest cocoa beans, so we are committed to ensuring we support them in building healthy, sustainable futures for their people. For us, that means investing in everything from the environment to providing a way for women to find financial independence and develop their businesses. Mars Wrigley’s Cocoa For Generations Plan is investing US$1 billion over 10 years to reshape our cocoa supply chain ensuring human rights are respected, the environment is protected, and everyone working with us has the opportunity to thrive.

Building schools

Galaxy® Chocolate believes that children’s education is one of the most important factors in improving outcomes for communities and individuals. That’s why as part of Cocoa For Generations, we’ve committed US$3.3 million over five years to work with the Jacobs Foundation to help transform educational opportunities in cocoa-growing regions of the Côte D’Ivoire. In addition, our Protecting Children Action Plan aims to eliminate child and forced labour in our cocoa supply chain.

Farming sustainably

Ensuring farmers are working with the latest and best techniques is essential to help them work efficiently and sustainably – for their families and for the future. As part of Cocoa For Generations, we aim to achieve a deforestation-free supply chain for cocoa we source by 2025. We want to help farmers grow more cocoa on existing farmland without further expansion of land use, and we are committed to supply-chain transparency, ensuring our farmers receive more money for their product. We also fund a network of research centres, farms and universities to develop more efficient and sustainable farming methods.

Enabling entrepreneurs

Since 2015, Galaxy® has been working with humanitarian organization CARE to help female entrepreneurs in Côte D’Ivoire improve their businesses, family lives and communities by gaining financial independence. As well as setting up village savings and loan associations (VSLA) across the region, we recently helped the community of Gueyo build a whole new marketplace, that would house 150 businesses run by women. Revitalising the previous outdoor stalls, the new market offers stability, safety, protection from the elements and a better infrastructure for doing business.

Respecting tradition

In Ecuador, the finest cocoa beans in the world are grown with techniques that go back 5,000 years. Who are we to argue with that? Traditional, sustainable, ethical and brilliantly effective, we trust our farmers to work with our master craftsmen to bring us the uniquely rich flavours and floral aromas that make Galaxy® such a silky-smooth pleasure.

Discover more about our approach to the future of sustainable cocoa in our Cocoa for Generations plan.