Galaxy tastes better than Dairy Milk

Galaxy tastes better

Galaxy® Tastes Better


It's official*, people prefer Galaxy® to Dairy Milk®

An independent study has revealed that the majority of people prefer the taste of our silky smooth Galaxy® chocolate over Cadbury’s Dairy Milk®*.  

The research has also discovered that 62% of people find our finely milled Galaxy® chocolate to be more indulgent, and over three-quarters find our irresistible chocolate to be the smoother chocolate experience*. 

While the exact recipe for our iconic Galaxy® chocolate is still a closely guarded secret, to celebrate World Chocolate Day our team of chocolatiers have peeled back the chocolate curtain and are sharing the science behind the silk for the very first time.

Our Senior Chocolate Fellow, Barry Glazier, says: “Great chocolate comes down to selecting the finest ingredients and combining them at just the right ratio. With Galaxy®, we’re able to make a silky-smooth chocolate that has a richness of flavour by using a special cooking process that brings out the underlying caramel essence along with the welcoming comfort of cooked milk.”  


The Chocolate Amnesty

We believe everyone deserves to choose pleasure with great tasting chocolate, and we know that each piece of rich, creamy Galaxy® chocolate is an expression of effortless pleasure. So, we’ve decided to offer the nation a chocolate amnesty. Send us your unwanted Dairy Milk® and we’ll swap it for a Galaxy® bar. Of course, all unwanted chocolate will be donated to good causes.  

Find out how you can give our irresistible chocolate a try by reading the terms and conditions of the chocolate amnesty.

*In blind sampling of 201 UK consumers during May 2021, 56% preferred the taste of Galaxy® Milk Chocolate to Cadbury Dairy Milk®.

DAIRY MILK® is a trademark of Cadbury UK Limited, with no affiliation to Mars.