• Just preparing your GALAXY Moment...

  • Our Collaboration with Rainforest Alliance

    Imagine the scene: you're looking at that tempting GALAXY wrapper ready to dive into a moment of pure chocolate indulgence. Then you spot a cute little frog at the corner of the packet... who's that then?

    This tiny fellow appears in the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal - an international symbol of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

    Since 2010, all of GALAXY Smooth Milk Chocolate bars across the UK & Ireland have carried the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal.

    But what does that mean?

    This certification programme helps thousands of farmers around the world gain the tools and techniques necessary to protect wildlife, the environment and the rights and welfare of their workers and families - now and for future generations.

    So, when you next sit down and relax into your moment of indulgence, GALAXY might just bring an even bigger smile to your face.

    Not only does it taste good, it does good too.

    We ensure that all of the cocoa purchased for GALAXY Smooth Milk Chocolate Bars, and have delivered to our factories, is traceable to Rainforest Alliance Certified farm groups. This traceability ensures that the farmers making the improvements to earn certification benefit from their efforts. However, given the volumes of chocolate produced at our factory, we are unable to guarantee traceability through the final production phase to the individual chocolate product you buy in stores.

    We are committed to significantly increase the volume of cocoa we purchase from Rainforest Alliance Certified farm groups, and we will incorporate more and more of this cocoa into each of our products produced.

  • Just preparing your GALAXY Moment...

  • Just preparing your GALAXY Moment...

  • Just preparing your GALAXY Moment...